Friday, September 24, 2004

My Welcome note to y'all (yeah, I am Southern)

So after months of pestering (well, I did get asked maybe twice) to get a nice creative blog up, I’ve gone and done it. (Aw naw, hayull naw).

Truth be told I did it twice…the “other” blog is the sports blog. Everything else is going to wind up here. Short stories, novel excerpts, random thoughts and “progress reports” on the status of stories being written, comments about music, CD and concert reviews, movies discussions and reviews, book discussion and reviews—in other words lots of that neato-keen “man of letters” stuff. Plus random musings (Viz. why has the phrase “man of letters” fallen into such disuse? Is it because on the average folks are too…well let’s be charitable and say obtuse—to know its meaning and that they hear the phrase and think of some human made of actual letters).

It’ll all be here…in progress.

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