Monday, December 13, 2004

If you stare into the abyss and it looks back, poke it in the eye

So this is going to be a big, important, life-changing etc couple of weeks.

I've come to a major life conclusion recently: I really don't like living in the 'burbs of Atlanta, and I don't really think living downtown would be any better.

Are there jobs in Atlanta? Sure. But by and large I'm realizing there really aren't any jobs I want. I've known it would probably suck in the ATL for a while, but labored under the thought that I could make it a year, then grad school would start.

But forget that. I can't take 7 more months of almost no one I want to hang out with (in the immediate area anyway), traffic that can only be worse in LA, the pending Theocracy Sonny Perdue wants in place, the traffic, the fact that there's nothing but crap jobs, the traffic.

So I need to get out.

Maybe not out of the state (Athens is always a possibility, if there's work).

Beyond that, maybe Charlotte, Boston, NYC, maybe even out west or something.

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