Monday, May 23, 2005

Wish me luck

Because in the past couple months it seems like every time I get back to posting regularly (or attempt to) something in my computer breaks.

But since it has brand spanking new RAM and a new hard drive (which I suppose does no spanking, as S & M is more a random memory thing) hopefully that won't be the case now.

Short but sweet this time and I'll go from there:

Rent/buy/borrow/steal/conjure up a copy of Orson Welles F for Fake

Do it now.

Why? Well, if you Critic fans can get past the fact that he does look like the guy in the frozen peas ad (with the classic line "filled with country goodness and green...pea-ness" - just say it out loud) you'll find whiplash editing many years before it was "trendy", some neat stuff (which might be true) about Pablo Picasso, Howard Hughes and art forgers, and get one of those rare bits of postmodernism that has some emotion and heart to it.

Since seeing it on IFC I've learned that Criterion Collection finally released it on DVD so you know what my next purchase is.

(Well yes, you're right it is a sugary breakfast cereal...but what I meant was you should know the next time I buy a DVD, what I'll buy. Oh, and feel free to insinuate that it'll be a porno if you want. I'm far too mature though. I prefer laughing at fart jokes and the voice actors from tv's Thundercats saying swears.)

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Jamie said...

I about died and felt a little disappointed when watching Transformers: The Movie and heard Hot Rod swear...twice.