Sunday, October 30, 2005

Odds, Ends and Hangovers

Is it 2002 Again?
That's what I'm starting to think is going on. Let's look at the landscape and see what's going on:
1. Top 5 and undefeated UGA goes to Jacksonville and loses, with WRs dropping passes, odd play calls and multiple missed field goals. True then, sadly true now.
2. UGA can still clinch a trip to Atlanta with a win over Auburn, and should get some playmakers bacck in time for the game (Fred Gibson out in '02, Shockley in '05).
3. Notre Dame is "waking up the echos" behind their new head coach. For Charlie Weis's sake let's hope he doesn't land NCState in a bowl game...though he should be clear of too much retrovertigo because while his Irish lost to USC, it was in far less getting-your-ass-handed-to-you-on-national-TV fashion than Ty Willingham's team.
4. The number one team looks great, has a Heisman candidate at running back and quarterback, and is riding a muli-season long winning streak. 2005 USC, meet 2002's Miami.
5. Someone other than the Yankees won the World Series (actually that has happened every year for quite some time now...and I enjoy it.)
6. Tennesee started the year in the top 5, but at one point dropped entirely from the polls. True then, true now...and like #5, puts a smile on my face.
7. Alabama is playing damn good football.

See? At this point you have to admit things are kind of twilight-zone-y.
What worries me now is if this weird time-loop starts to permeate life outside of college football...and perhaps it already has (don't look now but the Falcons were good in 2002 and look pretty good now).

It's going to be interesting...I'd elaborate but like I said, I'm hungover...just like I was in 2002.

Some quick recommendations:
Dredg -
pick a song, any song. I've dug what I've heard so far. They rock, hard, but in an intelligent way, the singer's good and lines like "we live like penguins in the desert" are miles ahead of most rock lyrics (I know, not saying too much, but listen to 'em anyway).
Aqualung - "Brighter than sunshine" On one hand you could say it's the great love song Coldplay never got around to writing, and between the vocals and piano you'd be right. But the tiny hints of trip-hop and the gorgeous strings elevate this to someplace even better.

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