Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Down with the sickness

In a move not brought on by a temporary lapse in health insurance, I've been thinking about my health lately.

I haven't felt 100% well for more than a week or so for a few months, and invariably some iteration of sinus-based symptoms has risen up and fucked with me on a monthly basis. Claritin seems to do a good job--mostly--in dealing with it. But that fact surprises a kid who for over decades went through life with the assumption, and doctoral proof, that my only allergy was to poison ivy. But for the past couple of years (dating back to at least my college years--coincidentally after my last physical. I know I need one), every winter I'm getting sick like clockwork. Sure, the years I was strict about diet and practically lived in the Ramsey Center (amassing some ridiculous streaks of 50+ days straight of going and at least spend 30 minutes on the bike...alternately reading and conducting an informal poll in my head as to which of the girls on the elliptical machines in front of the bike had the best ass), in those years the colds died quick.

But the point is, I'm offically sick of being sick...especially during the winter (summer and spring and most of fall I do ok.) I'm sick of dreary weather and cold temps equating with time missed from work, parties and and fun adventures downtown missed, I'm sick of the wicked hangovers from saying "fuck it, I'm drinking anyway" and mixing over-the-counter cold remedies with whiskey and spooning with my toilet.

I've got one-a-day vitamins (because while I can cook, I have never been able to cook the amount of vegetables I probably should be eating), and I'm going to attempt to reduce my trips to Taco Bell in lieu of heating up leftovers. Finally I'm starting to think the tiny, bedroom-sized gym at my apartment complex's clubhouse isn't cutting it and that maybe I should bite the financial bullet and join a gym. There's really no good place to do situps, and I'm softer than I used to be. Sure, a sixpack isn't likely to make me less vulnerable to colds and germs (sidenote: employers should require some people, namely those with really think, mucusoidal coughs, to take some days of to avoid infecting their coworkers), but it's warming up and sitting by the pool might help. And it's always easier to sit by the pool with a six pack (if only they allowed bottles).

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Jamie said...

I've never thought of you as a person that needs to buy a gym membership.

You can buy me a drink with all that money you'll be saving.

Oh, and uh Ryan told me a story and I'm going to need details from you :)