Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Still Standing

I've been slacking on my writing and blog updates lately. Don't worry, it's not depression (although after years of jobs I actually dreaded waking up to go to I think there might be mild shock that I enjoy my current job...who would've though the shy kid with braces from Cumming would enjoy sales and marketing?) And it's not the result of Katy contacting me, pissed, and getting me beaten or something (we still haven't talked...part of me thinks for my own sanity I should write her something, but everytime I open Word nothing comes out.)

But today I had great plans of coming home, napping and then going downtown...instead I napped and woke up feeling tired as shit still. I need nap lessons.

I guess all this randomness is indicative of the contradictory gut feelings I have at the moment. Work is going great, big things are around the corner for the band, love life is....well, the first two are great. And for some reason this feeling of something great in my life happening has me nervous. The last time I felt this much promise about things in general, my car's engine exploded, some bad things happened with my family, and I wound up out of work. I'm not feeling like Al Bundy yet...but I'm nervous all the same.

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Jamie said...

I know how that feels. Everything is going great and you're waiting for something crappy to happen.

I actually went in to work last week and said, "I'm about to sign a year lease on my apartment. Before I do that, is there anything I need to know here?"