Monday, May 08, 2006

Teaser Trailer

Part 2 is coming...really.

It will blow your mind (and possibly other parts if you let your guard down, so keep an eye on it.)

I'm also planning to share some thoughts on cinema as a medium (and compare it in development to earlier/realist novels and rave and rave about its great untapped potential).

Plus, I will likely share my mixed emotions on an OC season that had some great moments (Summer's drunken reconcilliation at prom, Sandy's flirting with the "Caleb" side) and really bad ones (anything involving Dean Hesse, Marissa being really stupid over and over). in detail before the big season finale (place your bets now: I think Mischa Barton wants to act in movies and therefore Marissa bites the big one, thus sparing us Ryan and Marissa part whothefuckcaresatthispoint when they got to UC-B.)


Jamie said...

Ok the last 2 episodes were awesome, The OC I first mocked you for, and then fell in love with. I bet no one leaves. If someone does, I think it's Julie Cooper Nichol soon-to-be Roberts. Was she an option? I can't remember. It explains why she's turing into a good girl.

And if your cinema teaser is actually a way to compliment "MI:3" I will physically hurt you.

Jamie said...

I read a spoiler and they say it ends with a man on life-support, so I am officially wrong. Sandy? Heart attack or something? I can't imagine Seth or Ryan...