Thursday, June 15, 2006

Some Enjoyable Stuff

1. Late afternoon pool time--it's not just for Shirtless Tuesdays.

2. The song "Ocean Cloud" by Marillion. Say the words "17 minute rock song" and most people either conjure images of Dream Theater type polyrhythms and 64th notes played in alternating 17/16 and 53/32 meter or long, more or less blues solos from cut-rate wanna be Allman Brothers. This is is neither. Imagine a big-budget short film, or a condensed "Old Man and the See" but set to music. There's a story, and lots of lyrics. There are lots of sections, so if anything away from verse-chorus-verse bothers you, stay away. But if you want to hear what Pink Floyd, older Radiohead and Muse would sound like if you threw them in a blender, give it a listen.

3. Coming up with the phrase "Love is the herion of emotions". Not sure what I'll do with it now, but I'll resist the journalistic/novelist instinct to tear apart why I like it here. If I were a poet, I'd use it in a poem. It has that kind of gut level reaction I got when I first flipped open a Mark Strand collection.

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