Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Something's the matter with kids today

Call it Emo/Screamo or even pop punk.

I call the majority of it crap, and now I may as well admit my age, because to the "barely old enough to drink legally" set saying you really hate most of Fall OUt Boy's songs goes over as well as introducing yourself with the line "so, do you do anal on one-night stands? It's safer!" followed by the kind of exaggerated winking that, even if she were drunk enough (or a freak enough) to not be off-put by your opening remark, she'd at best think you were having some highly localized facial muscle spasms or at worst about to suffer from a stroke (or simply that you, like the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, have some sort of debilitating paulsey. Oh. Wait. He just sings the chorus to "sugar, we're going down" like he has really weak jaw muscles. Or he's doing a Brando in The Godfather imitation. Enunciate you jackass! And don't name your band after a semi-obscure Simpsons character and then say you don't watch the show! Because if we tour together, you will pass out and then wake up in a sweater vest with your head partially shaved so you look like Kirk VanHouten.)


Jamie said...


That hurt, Will.

Try "Grand Theft Autumn" or "Chicago is so 2 Years Ago" from an earlier album. I like those better than their recent release.

Jamie said...

And for the record, although anal may reduce the risk of pregnancy, it is not "safer." Did you not see "Philadelphia?"