Friday, October 06, 2006

Random Brief Posting

In case I don't get anything later, here's some stuff cobbled together on my lunch break:

Here's a "SonnyDo" Gov.: quit supporting Michael Adams, and explain who the head of the University System of Georgia having NO educational background is a good thing. Also, I'm pleased you got rid of those "would you really want to go back?" ads, because let's face it, 46th or 45th in education is still really terrible. I guess "we're not the worst" failed during market-testing as a catchphrase.

But to be fair and non-partisan, I really feared that Mark Taylor would eat one of those babies crawling around him in his ad. And until a few days ago I was going to congratulate both parties on for once running on what they would do and not going negative. Way to blow that one Mark...

Revived from years ago, here again is
The Made-Up Word Of the Week
(actually, more of a phrase, but go with it)
Ass Haberdasher. n. because asshats have to come from somewhere. Useful as a stronger insult than asshat. Plus, it's fun to say.

If I'm not braving the insanity of downtown (there is a Guns N' Roses cover band playing after all) or passed out from exhaustion, I'll add something with a bit more substance later. Until then, be content with this Nicole Ritchie-sized tidbit.

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Jamie said...

Have you seen the SonnyDo commercial where a woman has her two girls and says into the camera, "I'm worried about my child not doing well in school."

I sat there and thought, "Wait there are two children there."

They go through the whole SonnyDo part and they come back to the woman and her two girls. "Thanks, Sonny" and she reaches and touches what I can only assume was the problem child. The other one beams.

I laughed so hard I peed a little.