Sunday, February 25, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning (Evening) Quick Hits...

=>The OC series finale was good stuff (check back later for further thoughts--I plan on name-checking a DFW essay in accordance with the series as a whole and it's apt to be very pretentious stuff).

=>In a move that should surprise no one, Grey's Anatomy decided not to kill of their title character (and from the parts I did see, exhibited possibly the worst case of hybrid preaching-to-the-converted/tell-not-show writing ever with the whole "Derek Shepard is perfect" speech. Again, it's not poorly-written overall, but for a so-called "perfect guy" he seems to have a good share of flaws too. But I'm going to stop now because if I keep ranting I'll either sound like a beginning creative writing teacher--which isn't bad, just not what I'm going for--or that I've got some sort of crush on Patrick Dempsey. Which I don't...but I am jealous of his hair. A little bit.)

=>The Oscar's are tonight, and I'll probably watch at least part of them. But, much like this year's Superbowl, the most I can work up is mild indifference. I haven't seen most of the best pic nominees (and have zero interest in seeing Dreamgirls...non-comedic musicals don't interest me at all, and if they star an American Idol runner-up, I'm even less interested) but at the same time, there aren't any movies I did see that I really felt were amazing enough for me to complain about their snubs. And I'm sure Ellen DeGenneres can be better as host than, say Whoopi Goldberg, but a return engagement from Jon Stewart would've been a lot nicer. About the only real edge we might risk tonight is someone putting on a bald wig and being hauled off to rehab at show's start, only to check back out (and in) multiple times throughout the show. But it's still the Oscars, so that means Desperate Housewives gets pre-empted, and FOX probably won't air any new eps of The Simpsons or Family Guy, and I should be more productive with my evening I guess, but I've been outside doing stuff (mostly working out and reading on the clubhouse porch--global warming isn't all bad) most of the afternoon.

(Yep, it's been so warm this weekend that there were even people out by the pool dressed similarly to my favorite VH1 Fame Game star not named CC DeVille, Andrea Lowell.)

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