Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday Grab-bag of Odds & Ends

*Florida and Ohio State Pt. 2 "One Boring Moment" garnered maybe 3 total minutes of viewing time from yrstrly. It was probably 4 minutes too much. While previous posts may hint that it's not that big a feat to turn my stomach, this whole Florida-winning-titles-in-major-sports thing needs to stop. If things work out and I make it to Jacksonville this year, prepare bail money in case of a UGA loss. The smug coming from UF fans is now at Yankee fans circa 2003 (well, to Boston fans anyway.) It's gotta stop.

*Saturday I'm going back to Sanford stadium, probably dateless, but all the bad memories of my last trip (the Game I Will Not Speak Of Again...in my head I was in the stands with plenty of other people, and some Johnny Walker, and the bleachers were hard to stand on, but nothing happened outside of the stands) well, I'm 100% I won't see another UGA loss (b/c it's the spring game and Georgia's basically playing Georgia. Though I guess if you wanted to quibble with semantics Georgia has to lose and win...). There will be tailgating somewhere on North Campus (weather permitting). However, a planned Floating Beer Pong party at the pool afterwards is likely doomed as it won't be as unseasonably warm as, say two weekends ago.

*I've been compiling a list of things I will buy once I have some disposable income, here's the top items:
A Vacation--I have had no vacation since 2002. I've been unemployed and slept in, but that's not really a vacation. This needs to change. Jacksonville for UGA-UF, Boston for a Sox game (or possibly the Police at Fenway), Baltimore before Ryan up and moves, New Orleans, NYC. Doesn't so much matter where, just so long as it's vacation. Obviously, a witty, attractive, intelligent, non-Bob JonesU-sympathizing female traveling companion would be a bonus.

A Dog--Ideally an english bulldog (white). I've more or less been living alone for the past two years (I have roomates, but they're in law school, so it was possible to go days without seeing them. Makes for a quiet apartment though) and without sounding too emo, yes, it can get lonely. A Dog would solve that I think. Plus, there's hard scientific research that shows women find a man out with a puppy far more attractive than if he didn't have one (I think mainly because a dog-less person in a dog park is a bit koo-koo....)

A laptop--ok, sure, there's the obvious reason below (which would really be more sentiment than anything.) But also, after The Girl brought it up, I did probably my first serious research into laptops (I'd thought about getting one before, but figured they weren't good for much, or if they were, were wildly expensive.) Turns out I was mostly wrong. They can still be wildly expensive, but only if you're looking for say, HD-DVD editing-capable laptops, or laptops-in-only-the-loosest-sense 20-inch screen behemoths. A nice 15.4 or ideally 17-incher (don't even think of making that joke) can have a gig or more of RAM, a 120 GB HD, and enough USB ports to add anything else. So I could write downtown, or in the park, and record tracks wherever.

*I wanted to talk about Opening Day. Schilling and Co. made that too painful. Here's to a revamped Josh Beckett tomorrow...

*Quick look at what's in the pipeline, post-wise: that whole second-chances pt. 2 thing, a looong post about Web2.0's impact on dating, Football stuff, and maybe something on Dice-K

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