Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Happy Hour: Quick Shots

*This picture is just begging for immature captions--have at it.

*Almost finished with that new story. I'm having issues with the ending--mainly I can see the story ending in two different ways, and I kind of like both. Any thoughts on a "Special Edition DVD" short story format where you get both endings?

*The job search continues, slowly...and I'm not discouraged. Taking the first job offer that came my way--more than once--is part of the reason I'm in this mess now. And as the temp agency continues to put more money in my pocket than my old job did, I still think this new plan of being as picky about employment as I am about who I date will pay off. Sort of ironically, the time searching for a new job, while also working 40 hours, blogging, writing, recording songs and trying to get a new band together doesn't leave me with enough time to consider myself good serious dating material for anyone. So any ladies eyeing me as your potential boyfriend: you should probably look elsewhere right now.

*There are only two new episodes of LOST left this season. I'm going to devote a longer blog to why I love this show (it's the only show I make sure I watch weekly, and I'm a barely reforming TV junkie that watched almost every episode of The OC's horrid third season). If you haven't it watched, it's probably pointless to start with these final episodes, but if you feel sporting, give it a go. And who knew Ben's dad was Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico?

*El-P's I'll Sleep When You're Dead is the best hip-hop record released in 2007 so far. If you don't have it, go buy it.

*While there are tons of blog posts lamenting the decline of Book Review sections in major newspapers, they are missing the upside: Dan Brown fever has passed, and really talented authors are getting mainstream print media publicity (though to be fair, it's established folks, like Chabon, Pynchon, Cormac McC, and DeLillo getting the pub.

*Jonathan Lethem's newest, You Don't Love Me Yet: not bad, but it felt too light on character and plot to warrant being called a full novel.

*Irvine Welsh reading this saturday. Given that several very very cool and happy things happened in my life following the last reading I attended, I'm hoping history repeats itself (and shh, don't tell the world, but Butch Walker's in town this weekend too...)


Ryan said...

For your story, I suggest a "choose your own adventure" set-up. Or not.

Ryan said...

I want 5 songs that knock your socks off!