Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Not a happy birthday for the US

The country was founded on several principles, one of which was that the people didn't want a king.

And we don't have a king now, but we have a "Unitary Executive" which is different from a king because it's two words long and has more letters (and I was going to say there's not a royal lineage but then we'd have to forget that Dubya's pop was President and head of the CIA and his grandfather was a senator.)

We've got a Vice President creating a whole new branch of government.

We've got a GOP party that adheres to a "crush the liberals" mentality above all, supporting a "Commander Guy" that only one quarter of the public supports.

We've got a Democratic lead (Sic) Congress so concerned about their own electoral prospects in 2008, they refuse to take any kind of stand against The Decider and his True Believers other than the occasional harshly worded letter.

The rest of the world really doesn't like us that much right now and far too many of us revel in this fact. What most folks don't get is that to many non-US folks, the US is Ben Affleck's character in Dazed & Confused, when really we should be striving to be Randall "Pink" Floyd.

Oh, and we've got a press that at least as far as the D.C. contingent goes, is more concerned about playing nice so they can go to the "cool" parties than actually doing anything that could echo the work of Woodward & Bernstein.

So forgive me if I don't wave my sparkler, yell "whoo-hoo, go America" and settle in to watch Larry the Cable Guy's latest...

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