Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Afternoon Quick Shots for Happy Hour

*Remember how in the post right below this one I said that I was buying a new Hard Drive and the posting would go up?

Turns out it might not be the Hard Drive at fault here after all. The upside is that the stuff I didn't have backed-up on disc or online is probably still available to me. The downside is that I'm realizing even close-to-top-of-the-line PC from January of 2001 is really old and outdated (especially since I went with Rambus RAM which really didn't catch on with consumers) and that my motherboard is so outclassed it doesn't even have the ability to handle all the GBs on my new Hard Drive.

So unless someone with a lot of money to spare wants to buy me a PC (or laptop *cough*hint*cough*) for my birthday next Wednesday, my present to myself will be a near-total overhaul of the old desktop (the case'll be the same, and that's about it.)

But hopefully by next Friday, everything should be up and running, and I won't have to borrow other PCs just to blog.

*Saturday I will be returning to Athens for the first time in three weeks. I can't remember the last time I went three weeks away from Athens (I'm thinking early fall of 2004, but even then, I'm not you'd have to go all the way back to the summer of 2000 to find a time I was away from the Classic City for this long). The whole thing has felt a little like a really really big break-up (which causes me to cringe a bit in saying, as it was a breakup that was really the catalyst for me moving to Atlanta and all), one of those break-ups where you don't even want to see the other person again, even though you still really like them. Two weekends ago I was supposed to go back up there, but passed (party because I was sick, but I'm not quite ready to claim that wasn't a psychosomatic response). So it shallst be odd to go back, and also, likely hot as balls. I'm hoping to make Picture Day but if it's 100+ outside I'm not showing up (and likely, UGA VI isn't either.)

*Wednesday birthdays kind of suck, I think. This was true even in collge, because even though some folks went out nightly, turnout's not the same mid-week. Tuesday nights generally had better specials and Mondays had football and recovery from weekend hangovers as reasons to celebrate.
I'm glad Metalsome Inc.'s doing 80s night band karaoke though...

*Oh, and it took several months, but my whole New Year's Resolution of quitting a job I hated and finding a job that A. required actual and steady use of my brain and B. paid a salary (which I've never had before)...well, that's taken care of.

So now I've had two really sky-high resolutions in a row ('06's was "personal" and involved a four-letter word that rhymes with a type of bird) may be a dangerous game to try and top them come midnight in winter...

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