Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday's Half-Assed Approach to Foundation Repair

No extended preview for tomorrow's UGA game.

The Dawgs are playing a I-AA team not named AppState, so really, the only way I see them losing is catastrophic levels of injuries to our starters, and I don't want to think about that.

Ideally, the Dawgs will score more than Matt Leinhart during his final year at USC (well, in theory dude should've pulled more kitty than the ASPCA, more ass than a toilet seat, and if you need a third example for the sake of comedy, let's just say it ends with "than a movie store that only stocks copies of Guy Ritchie's second movie.") And also, Boston College reminds the AJC and everyone else that Tech hasn't played anyone yet by hopefully beating them like Freddie Quimby was alleged to do to a Frenchman that "mispronounced" the word "chowder." And Florida loses, in 85 OTs, to a EweT squad, with both teams so decimated by injuries the last 8 OTs are simply backup QB hero Jim Bob Cooter vs. the Florida waterboy (carrying Tim Tebow's severed pinky toe for luck.)

If you want content, check back Sunday night.

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