Friday, September 07, 2007

...To Hide The Circumcision Scars

UGA vs. SoCar (they aren't USC--check the link, and feel free to oogle the Song Girls while you're there...I know I would.) - The Cumberland Report:

It's Spurrier. That's the first problem. Sure, he hasn't beaten UGA as a (Game)Cock HC yet, but we should realize that he hates us almost as much as we hate him (see for example, the stop-pulling to rival a professional organist vs. UGA in 2005--and yes, I know, I need to make some hipper references). Sure, they looked like shite against Louisana-Whothehellcares last week. But their starting QB wasn't playing. And MTSU looked shitty a week ago and looked like vintage, Klinger era Houston against Louisville. I'm not saying class-skipping dumbass QB Blake Mitchell is going turn into 96' Vintage Wuerffel, but that's probably what SOS is shooting for.

But we also have to watch out for the run game. Lost in the haze of 40+ppg offenses SOS ran at Florida during their heyday (or, as Florida fans call it "the first twelve years of our football history") is the fact that his best teams played great D (never forget: asshat OU HC Bob Stoops was a former UF DC) and had a dangerous running game (yes Virginia, at one point Fred Taylor was healthy for an entire season. I also can make strained jokes involving Eric Rhett and Gone With The Wind, but I'm sure you don't give a damn.) South Carolina, sadly, has a good RB this year...which means if we sell out to put pressure on Blake Mitchell, they may run it up the gut against us, leaving the D doing one of it's "we're really not bad against the run, this a once-a-season thing like LSU in '03, GSU in '04, and WVU in '05.

You can never underestimate a pissed-off and motivated SOS. I have mostly blocked/repressed memories of the 1998 UGA-Florida game, but if SoCar scores on a flea-flicker reverse out of the Emory & Henry formation, it won't shock me.

SoCar's D isn't as dangerous as last year's, but with a supremely motivated O scoring points in droves, if they hold Stafford and Co. under 20 this game will be a blowout in the 'Cocks favor.

(Now excuse me, after typing some of that I need to wash with lye and steel wool...)

UGA vs. SoCar - The Rose-Colored Glasses View:

SOS or no SOS, even with Blake Mitchell the 'Cocks can't trot out the talent level OSU trotted out Between the Hedges last week. If a team with future NFL picks at WR and RB couldn't top 14 points or 300 yds against the Junkyard Dawg D, how's a team with a dumbass-hoping-to-be-invited-to-camp QB and no Sidney Rice going to do better?

Let 'em try and run Cory Boyd up the middle. Yes our DEs are undersized, but our DTs are big, mean, and plan on treating Boyd as rudely (or ruder) than Mr. Savage (note: not related to Randy Savage, sadly) was treated last week.

Sure, I may win the lotto before we shut out a Spurrier coach for the 2nd straight year (he'll install a rocket on his kicker's boot and kick a 60-yarder if he has to.) But this weekend may resemble a previous UGA-SoCar game. Not the 2005 game though. Think 2003. Coming off a dominant win against a good (well, decent...calling Tommy Bowden-coached teams good does a disservice to actually good teams worldwide) Clemson team, and on the heels of close wins (and sadly) losses to SoCar, the Dawgs whalloped the piss out of the Gamecocks 31-7. Something similar is brewing in Athens this Saturday.

Gooooooooooooo Dawgs.

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