Saturday, November 24, 2007

Remember What Vince Lombardi Said: "If you lose, you're outta the family"

Ok, maybe Coach Lombardi didn't say it...maybe it's just something I remember from the Simpsons. But this is the one you DON'T lose guys. Sure, on paper Tech sucks, but ask LSU if say watching a weak UT D shutting down McFadden helped them at all on Friday.

(By the way, does any team want this?)

The Rose-Colored View
What's the best that could happen? Oh I don't know...something like the 2002 game would a great start. The run-stopping, blitz-happy D we've come to expect from Tenuta isn't quite up to their usual levels of craziness this season (the stats are close, but fattened up by feasting on the likes of Duke and Notre Dame's uber-weak offenses.)

As I wisely put it last week, if the Dawgs keep on keeping on with what works (and I put it more eloquently than this last week too--but I was not partly drunk) on offense, no team left on the schedule touches them. If Stafford can connect on say 2 deep passes in the first half, and Knowshon does his thing, both could be resting for the 4th quarter and talking about how they looked like New England out there.

(The last thing a Tech Defender sees before the end...)

Taylor Bennett is proving more and more that he's not the guy that put up big #s in the bowl, but the guy who couldn't beat out Reggie Ball. That's good news for a suddenly superbad UGA D that loves turnovers.

The Cumberland Report
But a loss, of any kind, is not something I want to fathom for this game. Tech's offense has shown signs of less suckitude lately, and a fully healthy Tashard Choice vs. a UGA run D that hasn't really had an elite RB test could be bad.

(But the Dawgs wouldn't let down Sophia, right?)

Oh, and let's hope the refs--particulary the ones from the Auburn game--are not involved in this decision...

(And I'll be screaming at the TV like I was a character from a bad 80s comedy either way...)

The AJC and some other blogs have talked about how Tech will be extra motivated to save Chan's job. Missing in lots of these reports are the myriad quotes of players coming to their coaches defense. I think even Bill Callahan got a few supporters (of course, Callhan seems at least semi-capable of developing a QB...) This could be huge. If some players have already quite on Gailey, a couple early scores should get the NATS tapping out. Then it's on to...hopefully at least one bowl game in a domed stadium. And that's all I'll say to avoid any jinx.

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