Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Michael Stipe IS Hip-Hop (sort of)

So, while spending a rather boring Wednesday night pantsless, aching, sore, cursing the writer in Men's Health that taught me how to do dumbbell squats, and watching "Top 100 Songs of the 90s" (which I still feel should be "90 songs of the 90s" but that's just me) something hit me.

What's the REAL connection between the Georgia football team, and a 17-year-old line-dancing rapper? Soulja Boy didn't start the dance. Nope. He (while being like 5 or so, according to the math I just did in my noggin) was just copying Michael Stipe, who as you can see in the video, was "crankin' dat" over a DECADE before Mr. Collipark's latest protege.

And if I have a few more beers to go with my muscle relaxer, I think I can find the Macarena in here too.

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