Wednesday, April 09, 2008

10 Years Gone

Just got the offical message about my 10 year HS reunion.

Will I go?

At this point I've got no idea (when and where it is will be a big deciding factor.)

It feels odd though. I spent my first five years outside of HS at UGA, then I spent another year in Athens working various crap jobs, a year back home in the 'burbs working various crap jobs, then two more years back in Athens working various crap jobs before moving back to the ATL and (eventually) landing a non crap job.

Late last fall I was carded trying to buy a lotto ticket. I've got all my hair (and then some--the only time my hair's been longer was the summer after my freshman year of high school, and even then there wasn't as much because it was styled in that unfortunate, "shaved underneath, but long on top" look.)

I'm getting close to being in the best shape of my life (22-23 when I was going to Ramsey 6x a week is the peak, but I barely did cardio then.)

I can say "oh, I work for a software company in Buckhead" when someone asks what I do for a living. I also play in a pretty good band.

But man do I not want to revisit the peak of social awkwardness that the high school me was. I'm not that kid, and I don't want to be that kid.

Maybe there'll be an open bar...

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Jamie said...

I say go. The kids in Cumming (snicker) can't top "Software company in Buckhead"! Maybe now you can get that cheerleader tail, that is if you want cake-faced fatties.