Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Open Challenge To Neal Boortz

Sure, the easy thing to do is jump on Boortz's (likely deliberate) misquotation of Obama re Israel (in which Obama called the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a "constant sore" and the Dittohead masses of Wingnutia conflated to "Obama called Israel a 'constant sore" and given the rules of telephone, some asshaberdasher on RedState will quote as "Obama called Israelis canker sores").

But no, this is a bigger challenge. I used to enjoy Boortz, back when he actually espoused libertarian (the US, not the European variety) ideas. Now, he strikes me as Sean Hannity-lite at best, yet another GOP-butt puppet at worst.

Today he'll be going the traditional GOP route off attacking Democratic proposals that rich folks pay more in taxes. This shouldn't happen, per Boortz, because:

"Now never mind that the very people that the Democrats love to raise taxes on are the people who provide most of our jobs. Though they may be the heart of America's small business owners, it's still easy to demagogue them as simply being "rich." Democrats love this stuff ... and that's the whole point."

The context (the link to original here, it'll only be good today though) is that earlier the "rich" is defined as: "top 1% of taxpayers."

So here's my challenge to Mr. Boortz, and his listeners too:
Find me at least five small business owners in the top 1% as far as earnings.
Company income (as that would be under the umbrella of a C-type Corporation, LLC, or LLP) doesn't count (remember, taxing personal income of the top 1% is taxing PERSONAL INCOME, not "the company they started's income".)

And hell, if you can find one that isn't a venture capital firm, you get bonus points.

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