Saturday, September 05, 2009

Anyone who claims they know what will happen this football season is likely lying

Hey folks, remember me?

Nothing like football season to get me off my (currently medicated) ass and revive the ol' blog just in time.

Sure, back in December there was no real anticipation for the coming football season on my part.
2008? The most disappointing season for Georgia football in easily over a decade.

And a ton of that was because of the defense--when the likes of Kentucky are scoring 38 points on you, there's a a big problem. And when Willie Martinez wasn't fired...well, there went my crazy hopes of defensive guru (and Mark Richt pal) Tommy Tuberville coming in to be the defensive coordinator.

Stafford and Moreno were gone, and architect of the worst UGA Defense in a decade or more was coming back...oh and the 2009 schedule? Outside of Tennessee Tech, there wasn't a gimmie game on it.

So no, I wasn't looking forward to the season...and that hasn't happened...well...ever.

I did start to get over it though: Other than getting a decent sunburn, I don't remember much about the G-Day game. It felt good to be back in the stadium (and I was still in shock that I was able to get a hotel room the night before the game) and nothing jumping out either way could be an upside.

I still went out and bought a few preseason magazines, but I couldn't obsessively read and reread them over and over because, well, I'm fucking sick of hearing about Florida--especially Tim Tebow. If 50% of the US is going to get the swine flu, I really, really, really hope it gets the Gators around October.

But a funny connection happened too: as good as Florida's D was last year, we forget how porous and sucktastic they were in 2007. Can the UGA D make a similar turnaround? Stranger things have happened.

Until kickoff, we won't know. But the D is the key to a good season.

But I'm not sure even after today's game we'll know what we're going to get out of this season.
Okie State goes wild on the Dawgs? Well, that could mean they're one of the best offenses in the US, it could mean the UGA D hasn't gelled...or it could mean Willie should pack his bags.
UGA rolls? Well, we thought we were the shit after rolling Arizona St. last year: but it turned out ASU just sucked.

Let's keep the goals simple: just don't lose to Tech. That's really all I want out of the season.

But who knows what we're going to get...let's just sit back and enjoy it.
Go Dawgs.

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