Thursday, October 21, 2004


“Anything is possible, all is permitted”

Those are the (in)famous last words of one Hassan Al-Sabbah, founder of those esoteric bogeymen The Assassins, and while in the US of A that last part sure isn’t true[1] (last part inserted just for you Mr. Ashcroft) but I certainly believe the first part.

I’m going to write at length over on the Sports Blog about Boston’s amazing comeback, but I just wanted to expand on it a little here as well.

Yes, so many folks say, “it’s just a game.” But when “just a game” can create this level of happiness, I think that happy little cliché needs to take a swan dive off the Brooklyn Bridge (and watch out for falling Yankees fans on its way down).

I’m single after a formerly going well relationship and friendship went to the crapper about the same time as UGA’s loss to EweTee—and I’m ridiculously happy. I was running a few degrees fever yesterday and staying at work—because I don’t want to miss any time with Jury Duty coming up next week[2]--and I’m ridiculously happy.


Because Curt Schilling pitched a gem of a game six with his skin sewn to his ankle bone.

Because Boston was down 3-0 to the Yankees and came back—doing what no team in the history of MLB has ever done.

Because anything now seems possible.

At this point, it’s like I’m 5 years old again (only with better motor and cognitive skills and I can hold my liquor a lot better) and I really do believe that anything can happen. Not only that, I believe that in the positive way. It’s like experiencing a mini-Nirvana. And if I’m feeling this good, I have to remind myself that I am but a fairly recent Red Sox convert, familiar with the team as a fan for only a bit more than the past half-decade. I can barely imagine what the lifelong fans, the surviving players feel like.

Anything’s possible folks, it feels great.

[1] Ok, let me stray from the topic somewhat right away here. I haven’t yet worked up the guts to read DeSade, but what I’ve read of him somewhat scares me: because there is quite a bit of evidence that some of his theories hold true. My “DeSade in a Nutshell” is that not only do nice folks finish last; they also get beaten and crapped on by the not-so-nice folks who rarely get comeuppance. And before you dismiss this right away, go back and check out some the recent stock/investment scandals, or your senators and president’s headlines, or even think about how many times a friend of yours—male or female—put up with being treated like shit by their significant other. I’m not saying I totally buy it, but I won’t dismiss it yet either.
[2] I may or may not try Homer Simpson’s method of Jury Duty Evoision and say that I’m prejudiced against all races to get out of it though.

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