Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sharing of crazy life-decisions time

This weekend I'm looking at apartments in Athens.

I don't have a job there. In fact my job is a good 90 minutes (give-or-take the occasional geriatric motorist clogging the lanes like a vehicular Shaq) away from Athens.

But in my mind it's the only option.

I have some friends in Atlanta...but they live close to downtown or near Decatur. From my job, while this is a lesser distance in miles than Athens, it's still a good 2 hours (and that's not accounting for craniacs and dumbasses threatening to jump off the overpasses).

Plus, while I don't mind driving...I don't consider sitting in my car driving.

So that's a no go.

THe other option is to stay near work...

Where there is nothing to do but:
1. Go to Athens
2. Go to Atlanta
3. Go to the bar I've only be to with a girl one of my friends has affectionatly nicknamed "psycho" (and the name shall stick until she proves otherwise).
4. If all of the above fail: get the hell out and go somewhere else.

So as you see...I have no choice.


Jamie said...

I'm looking at apartments in Buckhead. Go figure.

Jamie said...

I know I drive a gas hog, but you have diesel so consider this:

I drive to Tucker (a lil north of Atlanta) to work and I spend between $300 and $400 a month. On gas. It's 50 miles and an 1 and 20 minute drive. On highways.

I have decided to move closer and spend that extra money and get a kick ass apartment in Atlanta.

Will Mosher said...

From where I work, it would take me almost 2 hours to get to Buckhead (and that's if I waited 'til 6pm to leave).
Sure, I'd spend less on gas, but stop-and-go would be far harder on my engine.
Plus it'd be $250 a month in gas (diesel) or about the same extra I'd have to pay to get a kick ass Atlanta apartment.