Sunday, October 02, 2005

It's been awhile

And I still don't like that Staind song...

But I'm back online semi-regularly and, in an effort to write more things and share more things (even though some I can't share yet because of certain, semi-draconian publishing guidelines that consider a blog posting "published") I'm going to be back here (for real this time) a few times a week at least.

Even if it winds up being short things like this that are really better suited to the LiveJournal style postings.

I am (mostly) back in Athens but staying with the fam a couple nights a week to avoid the severe ass-reaming the current fuel prices do on someone commuting 400+ miles a week to work and back.

The new apartment is very sweet (and just recently I finally pulled the Tom Crusieian bare sock feet on hardwood floors move) and the roomates are cool (plus the neighbors are either quiet, or the sound insulation is damn good here).

Getting up at 6 sucks big floppy donkey dick, but seeing the sunrise over Lake Lanier is a nice bonus.

Oh, and the grad school list is almost ready and applications will be mailed prior to november. Some top choices:
Johns Hopkins

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