Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Belated Oscar Ramblings

Ok…first I need to start with an apology.

This was going to a long winded post taking both Hugh Hefner and Jessica Alba to task over the recent Playboy issue with her on the cover. It would be full of vitriolic rants along the lines of “was Hef two busy Viagravating his six 20-year-old ‘girlfriends’ that he didn’t realize people would be pissed that Jessica’s on the cover but clothed inside?” and “why is the girl famous for playing role such as the Slutty-Girl-Next Door (Idle Hands) the Superhuman That Goes Into Heat (Dark Angel) and ‘all-grown up’ stripper Nancy Callahan (Sin City) against people wanting to see her nude?”

Then I saw her at the Oscars.

(Ok, this pic doesn't do it justice, but it's all Google image search could come up with on short notice)

Jessica…all is forgiven now. I understand now that it doesn’t matter if you never pose naked; it will make it even more special the many times I’ll see you naked.

But to get on with it…some brief Oscar thoughts.

George Clooney may be the only Hollywood star that could run for President and likely win (and potentially be decent at it). And don’t tell me all those soccer moms that voted for Dubya would say “fuck off” (well, maybe not those exact words) in a heartbeat if George was running. Too bad most of the people criticizing the current administration can’t be as eloquent about it.

I probably should get around to seeing some of these movies. Half the reviews I’ve read for Crash call it pandering and a message movie of the “beat you over the head” variety, the other half compare it to Magnolia. Brokeback, jokes aside, seems like a sappy chick flick with two cowboys instead of a guy and girl to me, but I’ve been told that Anne Hathaway’s performance could launch her into my top five. I liked Hustle and Flow back when it was called 8 Mile.

3-6 Mafia now has more Oscars (1) than Martin Scorsese (0). There’s something very wrong about that…

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