Friday, March 03, 2006

It Is Finished

Infinite Jest has been read. Again. This go-round took a little over a month, and I saw some new things and got even more insight into the brobdingnagian-onion-sized layers Wallace packed in here.

A quick "reading" I picked up this time: in many ways Orin and Mario are semi-allegorical figures that illustrate some of the points Wallace makes about Postmodernism in many interveiws and the "E Unibus Pluram" essay. It's not an overall allegory thing (hell, there's even a line about the turgidity of Pilgram's Progress), but Orin in many ways embodies all the negatives Wallace sees in Postmodernism (especially the "sincerity, with a motive" that can fuck up relations with a constant ironist.) I'd elaborate further, but it's friday night and I have some liver damage to inflict.

I promise more goodies soon, including an open letter to that tease Jessica Alba, who just may have pitched a PR fit big enough to get crossed off my top five (joining Mandy Moore, who was stolen from me by that magnificant bastard Zach Braff.)

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Jamie said...

I can't wait! Who are the replacements to your dwindling top 5?