Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hug it out all summer long

So I've figured the trade-off between my idyilic days of college life--sleeping in, a couple hours of class here and there, lots of reading--and my days of post-college so-called "real world" (sic) life--getting up way to fucking early monday-friday, 40 hours minimum of work, much better paychecks, meetings--boils down to two letters:

In college I limited my tv watching (exception: the weekends, where I would routinely bathe mine eyes in a televisual orgy of televised football on saturdays and sundays) and now that I don't have to study or do homework, I find I have a lot more favorite shows. In college I would make time to watch Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, The Simpsons, and that brief period when Family Guy was on the first time. And that was pretty much it during the week. Now, while my favorite network shows are in reruns (LOST, The OC, The Simpsons, Family Guy) or off the air (That 70s Show, Love Monkey), I still have summer shows (Entourage, Rescue Me, the usual suspects of Cartoon Network including The Boondocks, Robot Chicken, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force). What a difference a college degree makes.

I have formulated a weak and self-serving intellectual argument for my increased exposure to the chattering cyclops--it's pop-culture and I'm writing things that need to reference them; I must stay hip; plus they're like tiny movies--but that doesn't totally silence the part of me that says "you really could be writing. Get off your ass." (That part of me apparently thinking I would write better whilst standing up.)

But I do feel the urge to be more productive, and not just because I have spent the past several days semi-hobled (since Friday) with a strained calf muscle and now it no longer hurts to walk, stand with weight on my right leg, or drive. But that may be a factor.

Rescue Me comes on several times a week. The other shows on Sunday night. That leaves me at least five nights free. Throw in one night by the pool for post-work drinks, a night for band practice, that's still three nights. So now I can walk painlessly again, it's time to get off my ass again.


lizz said...

it's amazing how backwards schooling can make one go. first you 'improve upon' your mind, and then go home at the end of the day so exhausted you can't do anything but urge it into a PVS.


Jamie said...

Hey, I have hobbies. I take a ballet class, I go to yoga, I take Nikita to the parks... I'm an active girl with stuff to do.

But damned if I'm not in front on the TV Sunday through Thursday nights from 8 - 11 PM. I'll watch the most incredible shit because nothing else is on, including half an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance."