Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday to Me...

I’m older. No sense denying (note: that’s not true, and certain online listings featuring me may not reflect an accurate count of the number of years since I first appeared in Northside Hospital in the ATL, but instead reflect how old I feel. Not that appearing younger in a rock band is any factor of motivation here.)

But the upside is that this birthday was much better than last year’s. Even with Facebook, last year’s b-day resulted in birthday wishes from: my parents and…other people when I told them my birthday was on Monday that weekend. I think I spent it at work and then out to dinner with my folks. It was the lamest and most depressing birthday I can think of, especially given how great the previous two were.

Two birthdays ago, Katy spent her only day off from both work and school until October accompanying me to the Fox Theatre (and dinner beforehand). It wound up being the start of probably the best week I can easily recall. Three birthdays back I wound up checking out both eLeMeN.O.P. at Tasty World and Drunk and Furious at Last Call with my friend Amanda, after having quite a bit of a handle of Beam left for me as a present by Ryan.

So the obvious lesson is: birthdays are better when you have someone to go drinking with. The less obvious lesson, and one in retrospect I can’t figure out is: why was I still working at a job I hated, that was 72 miles from where I lived, and not even looking at other options last August? The large raise I had been promised turned out to be a tiny one. The commute was brutal (5:30am is for late nights, not waking up). The best answer I can come up with is that I stayed for health insurance…but it still doesn’t explain why I didn’t look. Perhaps my car dying a week prior to the birthday was a factor.

So much has changed in a year: my commute’s twelve miles, my job doesn’t suck, the raises are as promised, and my transportation has behaved itself. Now I just have to do something about that whole date-less streak.

(Santa outfit optional, similar personality preferred)

Oh, and as I write this, college football season just started. I think I came.

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Jamie said...

Okay, but you didn't mention THIS birthday! Was there someone to take you out? Someone to drink with?