Thursday, September 21, 2006

Maybe It's Just Me, But I Like Hot Girls In Good Moods...Crazy

('s two Butch Walker songtitles "mashed-up" with a song he covered...I couldn't think of a better title because it feels like Ralphie the Buffalo is running on my frontal lobe at the this will be brief.)

<--Shit, this Ralphie, not That Ralphie----->

Tuesday was a blast. The show solidified something I'd thought breifly before but never put to words: there is no living musician that can work a crowd quite like Butch. The singing, the energy, the guitar pick tricks...the ability to climb off the stage and truly be out on Legion Field, and to get a crowd over 1000 to sit down. He's the man.

And I got to open for him...sort of.

As the true Butchophiles know, the Let's Go Out Tonites Tour featured some audience karaoke as a warm-up to man himself. Given the reports on how quick this filled up at the Atlanta show, I didn't think I'd make it, even though I got there 45 minutes prior to the start. There was no sign up sheet actually, and the opening band started and I figured "well, I'm in great position to see everything, no big deal." Then Butch's two backup singers came out. I ran to the side of the stage, yelled, made a bit of an ass of myself (remember: I'm here shouting at the stage to sing karaoke after all) and...much like last Tuesday, patience, sticktoitivenes, or whatever paid off again. Yrs Trly got to hop up on the Legion Field stage, sing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" to a crowd far larger than any Metalsome Monday at 10 High or Wild Wing, and was awarded a free t-shirt for hitting the Steve Perry notes.

I have about 20 seconds of video from the show too (note to self: before next big show, pick up that 1GB flash card for the phone) but MySpace has decided to crash both times I've tried uploading.

The other I was at "college show", maybe not the oldest guy there, but surely older than more than half the crowd, and, unlike some recent downtown sojourns, I didn't feel "old."

Maybe it was the University Union guy saying "hey, you used to write for the paper."

Maybe it was random folks going "great job"...or maybe it was the fact that I really still look 20, and everyone loves some good power ballad-belting.

Now I need to find something to do next Tuesday...

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