Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Evening Gratuitous Plug

(Watch the show, or suffer the fate of the USC-Film-School-Grad-cum-Hand-Puppet)
While researching (sic) and editing my columns back in the day at the Red and Black, I would occasionaly shoot the shit (not literally--that's an often messy hunting trip...and don't ask how I know this) with the resident cartoonist (Mack Williams...look to the right of your screen for a link. No Dyslexic Dave, your "other" left.) (Additional Note: Sorry friends and neighbors, this blog is not yet available in braile.)

He went on to bigger and better things in Atlanta working at Adult Swim while I...well, let me just say I'm happy for him (and I need to really finish a book and get a publishing deal before the high school reunion comes up...even though I'm still pretty thin and have all my hair and no alimony payments...ok. I'd be happier living in Athens, but I didn't come back here to watch the team lose to friggin' Vandy and maybe I'm still a little bitter.)

Anyhoo, we bumped into each other at the Arch Bar last Fall where he told me about his new band, and the new show his Sealab 2021 crew was working on. I promptly forgot the show's name (I blame: booze), and only remembered the band because...people in my age group grew up lusting after attractive 80s women (though I think Nicole Eggertt should be considered for at least auxillary percussion or something.) But anyway, it turns out that the show changed its name, it's now Frisky Dingo (note: so far, there isn't actually a dingo. If you've watched an Adult Swim show before, your nonplus levels are through the roof right now.)

(What, you were expecting a clip from Blown Away or the Sugar Ray album cover?)

It's on Sundays (well, technically Monday mornings) at 12:30, or you can watch it online here. I suggest you do. This is one of those cases where I'm going to say "even if I didn't know people involved I'd say it kicks ass" (after all, where else do you get Shelley references and human hand puppets, and hip-hop?) even if technically if someone I knew that worked on the show hadn't told me about this I might have missed it. So don't follow my almost bad example! Watch the damn show (no, not The Damn Show) and thank me later (preferred thank you gifts include Patron XO tequila, the Hey Jenny Slater Breakfast of Champions Tailgate Pack, or the Spruce Moose.)

("What about the jars of urine?" "Oh, we'll hang onto those.")

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Jamie said...

Mack's a very talented guy.

However, your high school reunion rant is my favorite rant of all time. And by all time, I mean today. But it still made me squirt Coke out of my nose at the Vandy reference.