Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Things are about to change around here...

Less than a week until the madness that is National Novel Writing Month begins, so I figured I'd stop and introduce some of the loons I'll be spending tons of time with:

Valentine "Val" Rose (formerly known as Valerie Rosen) - daughter to very lapsed Hebrew parents (divorced too--this does take place in modern-day LA and all). Stuggling actress, occasional cocktail party waitress, friend to slightly less struggling actress Autumn Reeser (from The OC)

Jayson Blair Yes, he knows who he shares a name with. Yes, he's also black and studied Journalism (at Columbia.) But he's younger, and works in Marketing. He wins a date with Autumn by coming in 2nd in the Win a Date With Jessica Biel Contest.

Charles Foster "C. F." Welles real name unknown. Jayson's neighbor in the Valley, shoots porno movies and claims to be the illegitamate son of Orson Welles and Oja Kodar.

Xtina Spears* porn starlet, aspiring live-in girlfriend to CFW, and surprisingly literate in Hollywood history and the life of Orson Welles.

*I'm not sold on the name, I'm open to suggestions. Also, Jayson needs a buddy, and his buddy needs a name. The buddy might even be a roommate.

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