Friday, November 03, 2006

The AARP's Just Waiting To Sign Me Up...

The AARP hasn’t contacted me yet, but I think it might happen any day now.

Sure, while I can go to great lengths to hide my age (confession: the age you see next to my name on MySpace isn’t exactly accurate, but younger musicians are more attractive to major record labels’ target demographic than older ones are) and can come with no counteracts to charges of Peter Pan Syndrome or “you need to grow up” (after all, I am closer to 30 than 20 and living in a town where more than half the population is between the ages of 18-22). But I am old (older…mature…classy…throw me other nice and happy euphemisms if you want, age is robbing me of perspicacity) and it really hit me once I reviewed my weekend plans:

Friday – stay in, cook chili, work on the novel, watch the TiVo’d OC season premiere, and possibly watch The Royal Tannebaums.

Saturday – stay in, work on the novel, listen to the Georgia game on the radio, watch LSU hopefully whallop the piss out of EweT, possibly watch another movie or two.

Sunday – stay in, work on the novel, watch the Colts-Pats game.

And…I’m excited about this.

Somewhere, my early-20s incarnation is rolling over in his grave. Oh sure, there was one Spring break back in 2000 where I decided I was going to just stay in the apartment and see just how much of the half-baked novel idea I’d been toying with I could bang out, but the catch there was: I didn’t have money to go anywhere fun, and Athens, even mostly empty and largely studentless Athens of spring break times, was far more enticing than going home.

So basically I suppose the fact that I’m looking forward to a weekend of lounging about in hospital scrub bottoms and doing very little makes me feel old. And I’m trying one more time to deny it.

In other news (Friday Odds & Ends):

If you’re not watching/TiVoing Frisky Dingo at 12:30 Sunday nights on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) you should. The first two episdes were good, and necessary to introduce the characters, but the third was brilliant, you-need-to-watch-whilst-wearing-a-Depends-Adult-Undergarment-because-you’ll-wet-yourself funny. So watch it, or Killface will…kill you.

I’m not quite sure if Grey’s Anatomy can hold my attention through a full season. They’re resolving (or seemingly resolving) some issues too quickly, and others are getting drawn out to the point I don’t really care. It’s pretty obvious that ABC learned from the whole Ross and Rachel thing on Friends that Meredith and Derek can’t just get together and be happy. Meredith getting seduced by McManwhore is an interesting potential plot twist (and could set up a whole new round of “slut” accusations) but I have my doubts they could pull this off without making Meredith come off like some desperate nympho. Perhaps she could let herself be seduced out of some urge that by getting with Derek’s friend, it’s as close as she can get—but clearly they’re not friends anymore. Burke is probably going to be single again, but hopefully not too soon: that relationship’s arc seems to have a lot of potential. George needs to stop with the spouting of horrible, horrible metaphors and just move on, mainly because Dr. Torres scares me a little. Addison and Izzy seem to have very little to do (especially Addison) and it’s kind of bad that the most interesting thing to me character-development-wise from last night’s episode was Karev’s pull towards Obstetrics.

But possibly this is all a result of me missing the OC season premiere.

Confession: I did catch about 30 seconds of the OC last night, and it didn’t look promising. Summer Roberts: hippie? I think I’ll have to pass. I’m still pulling for Josh Schwartz and co. to right the ship here: they’ve got some of the best and most interesting (to me at least) characters on tv, and the first season and a half was the best funny prime-time drama I can think of. The loss of Mischa Barton’s I’d-rather-be-in-movies acting should help, but Hippie Summer and Cage Fighter Ryan seem like steps in the wrong direction here. My gut tells me I’ll be trotting out a T.S. Eliot “Hollow Man” reference with regard to the show at some point soon (Scrubs sidling into a competing timeslot, threatening to overload my TiVo is another bad sign.)

Which brings us to my final rant of the day: why can the networks space good tv out? Barring a really good football matchup there’s nothing I watch on Mondays. Tuesdays? Free outside of House. Lost and South Park work for Wednesdays. Thursday? They give me nothing in the 8pm hour, and now force me to pick between Scrubs, Grey’s and the OC? Come on now, can’t one of these shows move a night over?

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Jamie said...

I'm with ya Will.

But #1. You're not Keith Richards old, so I don't think that (being closer to 30 than to 20) you have to worry about record labels not wanting you.

I love you watch my TV and talk about the charcters as if they were real. When are you going to move to Atlanta just to watch TV with me?

I think they will take the entire season to get Derek and Meredith together, by then it will be season 4, a sufficient amount of time to wait. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the storyline they are taking with Burke and Cristina. I can't wait to see how that turns out.

I like Karev, I think Izzie whines too much, and I think George needs another does of syphillis.

OK, now for OC. I think this season will be much better than the last one, but what happened to all the witty banter? Where the fuck is Captain Oats?

I watch TV Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have to tape Grey's and OC, I had to drop Scrubs. I need Tivo now.