Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bad Puns On "Ice" and a Reading List for '07

("Ice to see you...")

Call it "Global Warming," call it "Climate Change," but either way, February rolling around in Georgia for 2007 meant snow and ice. Now for those of you not living in GA, and not from here, or who have never visited--this isn't a normal thing. And we don't handle it too well.

Sure it doesn't look bad, but wet roads+freezing temps have us afraid of the dreaded black ice lurking around the next overpass like Lindsay Lohan's Publicist fears $1 Jager Shot night...or like Isiah Washington fears going to an afterparty for the Tony's...or paparazzi fearing Britney Spears will one day find her underwear draw again (or start wearing more pants).

("I'll only drink 'thiiis much', I promise!")

So now, after UGA cancelled classes, work was called off and I went back to my warm, cozy bed until it was time for lunch...and I nearly busted my ass going outside to "see what it was like" (note: please don't point out how I could easily do that from a nice, still-inside-where-it's-warm-window...remember, I'm a native, and the whole "but you can't always see ice" mentality is still ingrained in me), Ye Olde Cabin Fever is setting in a bit.

(Puddle? Or Black Ice? Sometimes We Georgians just can't tell)

So after seeing posts on Conversational Reading about Books to Read Resolutions, I decided that a month after the new year is not too late to bust out some "to read" list for 2007:

(And I'm going to try and stick these in some sort of order)

1. Special Topics In Calamity Physics - Marisha Pessl
2. The Audacity of Hope - Barack Obama
3. At Swim-Two-Birds - Flann O'Brien
4. The Echo Maker - Richard Powers
5. Laura Warholic: or The Sexual Intellectual - Alexander Theroux
6. The Time-Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
7. Something by Pynchon, most likely Gravity's Rainbow, but possibly V, Mason & Dixon or even Against the Day
8. The Recognitions - William Gaddis
9. You Suck - Christopher Moore
10. Oryx & Crake - Margaret Atwood
11. The Ground Beneath Her Feet - Salman Rushdie
12. The Children's Hospital - Chris Adrian
13. The Infinite Book - John Barrow
14. One of John Barth's old tomes; either Giles Goat-Boy or Chimera
15. White Teeth - Zadie Smith
16., 17. and 18. The final three books in Stephen King's Dark Tower series (I started these back in Middle school...time to wrap 'em up)
19. Pale Fire - Nabokov
20. As I Lay Dying or The Sound and the Fury - Faulkner (yeah...I admit it...I have an English degree but have read almost no Faulkner. Berate me now.)

Plus there will be some rereading of old favorites, including my yearly rereading of Infinite Jest.

Throw any suggestions into the comments below:

And now, one last "ice" pun...

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