Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Random Hump Day Screwing Around

(Ignore the innuendo in the post title...I am. Of course I realized something about relationships I've had and hump day so...moving on...)

No major stuff today (beyond a belated happy 22nd* bday to Jamie...I was wrong, I should have come to the game (however, I'm just superstitious enough to think that if I had shown up at Turner, the Dawgs would have lost...)

But there are changes...I'm attempting to add the "read more" feature, so when I have a 4,000-word post purging all the anhedonic, self-doubting, whiny (yes, whiny) feelings at once, on the first few paragraphs show up on the main page, and if you want to skip my self-pity wallowing and move onto to a rant about Britney Spears, the cognitive dissonance in the GOP, or how I hate Florida, it's going to be easier to do so now. I still may tag posts with bad puns, long jokes, or a key that really only I get. But you can skip over the long-windedness easier. So thank me.

I'm also adding a lot of "new" faces to my list o'links, and I'm slowly trying to separate them.

There will be more "real" posts later this week...and maybe, if you're good, some actual brand-new fiction from yrs trly.

So stay tuned.

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Ryan said...

I put up a new poem; now I want to see some fiction.