Friday, April 27, 2007

Quick Shots For Friday Happy Hour

Perhaps we've reached a breaking point on the # of stupid things the administration's doing, especially war-related, but I'd love to see a little more outrage over the whole "building walls in the middle of the night" fiasco.

Just so I understand: the Iraqis are going to learn to get along with each other and come to peaceful solutions, because we're going to put giant concrete, "barriers" between them? Why? Because it worked so well in Berlin? And works so well in the West Bank now?

Forcing Freedom isn't taking a horse to water and making him drink by gunpoint, it's more like putting two angry cats in a bag, and then tossing a slightly large dog in there to settle them (note: in this strained metaphor, the US military is cast in the role of the dog, and Shrub and co. as the people throwing the dog into the bag with the fighting cats.)

In sports, Bama may be considering a live elephant mascot. I recommend the write-up linked for a large laugh. And I want to dismiss this, what with online Bama fans having that stellar track record of calling Spurrier to Bama and Rodriguez to Bama...but they were right about Mike Price...

The Red Sox go to the Bronx this weekend to face the last-place Yankees. Even if complete disaster strikes, the Yanks can't pass the Red Sox in the standings. The pitching matchups aren't quite as nice as last weekend (Wang vs. Tavarez makes me nervous as the Red Sox were able to slap around Wang a lot less last season--hehehe "slap around Wang"--and Tavarez's starts thus far have been near UGA's midseason (say the Colorado/Ole Miss games particularly) "my eyes, the goggles do nothing" bad. However, 20 games into the season, New York has no saves, Fruitbat's ERA is in the 7.00s, and if A-Rod had resembled a normal human at all, they might have the worst record in MLB. Ideally, the Red Sox sweep, but 2-3 would still be a nice kick-'em-whilst-they're-down move.

It's Twilight weekend in Athens, which means drinking downtown saturday, and the one time people can stumble drunkenly down the middle of Clayton with no reprieve (well, after the race, and before they reopen the street...which I think has been getting earlier and earlier).

I figure it will be a good time, but maybe not as cool as the first Twilight I remember going to: that evening wound up also being my first ever blind date, and my first date with someone who would describe herself as a "stalker" (possible reason I might be single: I've had more than one girl admit to being my stalker, and I've dated every single one...though I choose to say I've lucked out and only met the really really pretty, cool stalkers. Yes, that's the ticket.)

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