Friday, June 15, 2007

Your Belated Happy Hour and a Random 10

Ok, since last week, Paris Hilton's been sent back to jail, and as I left work on Monday, I heard Genarlow Wilson's sentence had been changed, and I was all set to write a happy diary about how some damn good stuff can happen...and then the state decided (apparently within the hour of the new sentence making the news) that they were going to appeal.

The mother of the "victim" (in quotes because personally, I think if a girl makes like a circus seal blowing a hotel room full of guys, it's hard to call her a "victim"...what, we're to believe a 17-year-old is supposed to turn down a BJ after he's already seen the girl's technique? Next you'll ask me to believe Gonzo was visting Ashcroft on the sickbed solely to wish him well...) well the mother says let him go. (And hopefully has had multiple talks with her daughter that while sex isn't necessarily a bad thing, blowing a hotel room full of guys maybe isn't the best life decision--unless she's planning on following the Traci Lords/Jenna Jameson career path.)

What I caught of the Thurbert Baker's presser pissed me off (and if I'm wrongly pissed here, someone in legal correct me)...he said he felt that the result would affect thousands of other cases (which likely involve actual statutory rape and other bits of nastiness). But here's the thing about that...the judge ruled only on the Wilson case...and while some less than scrupulous attorney may cite that now, that doesn't mean a judge is going to have such a lack of brain function that he'd confuse the circumstances of say, a 31-year-old teacher and her 11-year-old student (though if she's female, she'd get far less time...but judicial sexism is a topic for another time).

So here's my plea to the DA: have some damn sense. Also, a related plea to all readers...this whole thing could have been avoided if at least one person on the Wilson jury had visited this site:

A little jury nullification goes a long way.

In lighter news, I'm avoiding/boycotting Baseball Tonight at the moment, because after the Yankees got healthy and played some of the worst teams in MLB, at the same time the Sox have lost a few, and now every mediot with tv access is screaming two words related to the year before I was born (not to be uttered here) and the journalistic lazyness of it pisses me off.
Also, I'm going to try and hit up at least one of the Braves-Sox games next week, anyone else up for a day at Turner (be warned that while it will feel a tad odd to me, I'm pulling for the Sox the whole way. Just giving a heads up in case you're a partisan fan of the Braves.)

And now, I'm going to blatantly "borrow" (I was going to say rip off but decided against it) Doug's Friday Random 10 idea and share some tunes (oh, and send him money if you're flush with $$$):
1. Aesop Rock (feat. El-P) - "We're Famous"
2. Faith No More - "Everything's Ruined"
3. Marvelous 3 - "Appetite"
4. Phish - "Down with Disease"
5. Freak Kitchen - "Pathetic Aesthetic"
6. Jeff Buckley - "Despite the tears"
7. Enigma - "Principles of Lust - A - Sadeness"
8. Marvelous 3 - "Bohemian Rhapsody (Live @ the Tabernacle 01-26-01)"
9. Spock's Beard - "Day for Night"
10. Mr. Bungle - "Goodbye Sober Day (Live)"

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