Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Memo to UGA Football Team: "You're Like This Big Bear Man"

So after the near-heart attacks subsided, I, like many UGA fans was happy Mark Richt ran his record to 2-0 in Tuscaloosa.

And yet.

It didn't have to be this way.

Sure, they nearly ended it in regulation, as Coutu was just wide on a near Kevin Butler moment (ok, so it wasn't 60-yards, but, to their credit, Bama isn't Clemson either. For one thing, no hideous purple pants. Plus, twins.)

(As a man who's seen a fake smile before, I can tell these two really aren't happy to have their picture taken with this random yahoo.)

There was some grumbling about the D's sudden late disappearance on Bama's last two drives in regulation and that's part of it.

And yet.

It wasn't the problem.

The problem was UGA, with huge teeth and claws, had Bama the scared little bunny cowering in the corner and couldn't finish her off.

The OLine isn't up to dominating yet, so I question the motives of attempting to sit on a lead with overly predictable run-first play calling late in the game (but with a good 10+ minutes left). The last thing we need is for Mike Bobo to start taking plays from Lloyd Carr.

But also, why wait until OT to go for the kill shot? Why wasn't the takeoff route the first thing called in the 2nd half after Brandon Miller recovered the kickoff. 10-3 with a tiny bit of momentum for Bama going in becomes 17-3 like that. Like the SoCar game, Georgia had opportunities to win this going away. It does seem asinine to complain about a win, but does anyone think these guys have played fully to their potential yet this season?

Mentally, and a lot of this falls on Coach Bobo, since he's calling the plays, but a good bit goes to Stafford as well, they need to ditch the "get a lead, sit on it" mentality. I'm not saying they should go 100% the other way with it (i.e. the Gators keeping Tebow and co. in late in a blowout vs. UT--something just karma should remedy with an injury at some point soon; hopefully during their Auburn-LSU-Kentucky stretch of games). But a 17 point lead is much harder to blow than a 10, and hopefully the guys learn that lesson.

I don't want them to play Ole Miss like the guy in the PG-13 movie (like Florida's secondary played them); they need to beat down the Rebels like the guy in the rated R movie. I'll be more than willing to console any saddened Ole Miss women afterwards...

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