Friday, October 19, 2007

Butch Walker Has a Mustache.

I would've reviewed the "secret" (quotes used for semi-ironic effect, as anyone friends with Butch on MySpace either got the bulletins announcing the show, or could see it listed on his blog) Butch Walker (performing under the name Bradley Drawn Boy earlier this week. I took some video (of poor quality, what with it being on my phone and all) of the show, and was going to load it all up nice like on YouTube and then link the clips. But my building a new computer weekend stretched out beyond Sunday, and then hit a snag because I managed to purchase the bum processor of the batch. I'm paying an exchange visit to the store today, so hopefully this can get revised before your Sunday hangover dissipates.

I will say this though...Butch had one, and I've seen other folks sporting them...and I don't get the appeal of ironic facial hair. And if it's not ironic...I don't know where to begin. EDSBS said it best:
"If you meet someone with a mustache, they either have an overly active irony gland, or they are a Crimean War veteran."

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I was disappointed when I saw he grew the 'stache back out.

I like your quote :)