Thursday, October 04, 2007

What I Do Watch, and Some Reasons Why

Ok, after complaining about ABC, I think it's time to offer the flip-side, just so I don't feel too curmudgeonish.

Non-Sports Shows I Watch:

(Currently Showing New Episodes, or Will Soon *Fingers Crossed*)

Hugh Laurie may have perfected the likable misanthrope with his portrayal here. Jennifer Morrison (and now Olivia Wilde) provide lab-coated eye candy, and the whole thing is a modern-day, medical riff on Sherlock Holmes (no, seriously. Wilson is Watson, and for those of you who only know about Holmes from cartoons, he was a fan of drugs in Doyle's novels, much like House is a fan of other drugs on the series. And they have the same apartment #.)

30 Rock
Funniest. Show. Currently. On. TV. There. Summed it up in five words. Here's a clip.

The last season should start up again at some point, if is to be believed. Last season hit a bit of snag with the mysteriously disappearing pregnant girlfriend and the whole Pvt. Dancer plot, but rebounded to its old levels of greatness towards the end. The big question to me going into the final season is just what they plan on doing w/r/t J.D. and Elliot. They may compare them to Ross and Rachel, but that soulmate vibe has not been there. Whither J.D.'s love life? Maybe, just maybe, Dr. Dorian will come to terms with being single (because honestly, when you've bedded Heather Graham, Mandy Moore, Tera Reid prior to Taradise and the bad plastic surgery, Amy Smart, and Elizabeth Banks, among others, the self-pity can come across kinda petulant.)

(Dr. Reid=Yowza. Or however she'd say in German.)

South Park
Best satire on TV still, and Cartmen getting Tourette's was a great season premiere. Cartoon Wars was a brilliant way to tackle both the Family Guy comparisons and the Dutch Cartoon issue.

The Simpsons
It's been around almost as long as college freshmen (note: wow I'm old) but it still has it's moments. Hopefully the entire season won't focus on unlikely events like private jets and opera-singing Homer though.

Family Guy
The manatees do good work, especially when parodying Star Wars.

Desperate Housewives (sometimes)
It is pretty much a Couples Show (n. a show watched primarily by single women or boyfriends sucked into the show because their girlfriend or someone they dated decided it would be good to watch together) but a damn well-written one. And while in real-life she probably only comes up to Tony Parker's shin, Eva Longoria is not too hard on the eyes.

(In Reruns But Worth A Gander)

Flight Of The Conchords
Go ahead, find me a better show about a struggling New Zealand folk/comedy-rock act. That can do a spot-on impersonation of David Bowie.

Vincent Chase's boys are living pretty much every male fantasy. It's funny, well-acted, well-written, and merely watching 4 episodes in a row has nursed me back to health before.

Rescue Me
Now that The Sopranos has stopped believing, someone please get Dennis Leary an Emmy...

But sports has been dominating my TV lately.

See for example, this week's lineup:

Monday: Pats-Bengals game on ESPN
Tuesday: House
Wednesday: Red Sox-Angels; South Park (plus bits of Real World: Sydney. I'm amazed they let the bearded southern guy on the show...his accent is near-Boomhouer bad, but he makes sane, intelligent points. I didn't think they allowed that on MTV.)
Thursday: 30 Rock, SoCar-Kentucky
Friday: Red Sox-Angels
Saturday: Mucho college Football

So here's a fun homework assignment: take the above shows, and craft the perfect TV show for me.

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