Monday, November 05, 2007

The Writer's Strike Is Not To Blame (I)

Nope, if you want to blame someone for the lack of a pre-game best- worst-case analysis, blame my superstitious side.

You see the past two times Georgia's defeated Florida, they went and lost their next game (at home to Auburn in 1997, on the road to the Opelika Gazatte Title holding 2004 squad.)

So I had to change something up to avoid the hangover game jinx. And it worked. Maybe.

Anyway, there will be more thoughts on the game (call it a belated edition), plus a separate post on the Writer's Guild Strike (I'm not getting paid for this, so don't call me a scab.)

Oh, and I'm attempting the National Novel Writing Month challenge again this year. I figure I've got at least a year's experience trying to do it, plus no very meaningful-with-incredible-potential relationship to inactively passive-aggresively wreck this year in my favor this go around.

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