Monday, February 04, 2008

Me vs. We - Why I'm Voting For Obama on Tuesday

Earlier, I listed all the other candidates who will appear on the state of Georgia ballot on Super Tuesday (and who are still in the race), and listed some reasons why I wouldn't vote for them. But the biggest reason I won't vote for Senators Gravel, Clinton, or McCain, Congressman Paul, or Governors Romney and Huckabee is that I have so many reasons to vote for Senator Barrack Obama.

I could go on for another 2,000 words about how I feel his health care plan is the best first step towards single-payer healthcare, and how his likely higher coattails in the general election, coupled with a promise to broadcast the discussions and proposal negotiations on CSPAN give it the best chance of passing.

I could go on about how his efforts to increase transparency in government is the best way for D.C. to go about its business.

I could cite an article on the threat of nuclear weapons in the current issue of Harper's and mention how Obama's work towards nuclear deproliferation is the best solution to the threat.

I could mention the tens of thousands of inspired people who show up even in the cold of Idaho just to hear him speak. I could mention the fact that I'd look forward to a President Obama State of the Union speech. I could mention many more things like all of the above.

But what it really boils down to is "we" vs. "me."

Every other major candidate running speaks in terms of what they will do for us. Senator Obama speaks of what we can do together. And that's a very powerful message.

I think the country's got a lot of problems and no one person, even the President is going to be able to solve all of them in four years.

Senator Obama isn't claiming he can do the job on his own, but he does propose opening D.C. to the public in ways it hasn't in decades.

And yes, he may yet be the Progressive version of Reagan--a man who would speak to the public in less specific terms and inspire them to better things and a love for the country, while also convincing Reagan Democrats and disgruntled conservates and "values voters" that anti-poverty programs, raised environmental standards, and universal health care can benefit them.

I've heard Reagan speak and he was a gifted orator. He sold millions on such formerly radical ideas as "Trickle down" economics, breaking air traffic controller unions, and heightened rhetoric against the USSR. These things weren't necessarily in the public's best interest, and many were not for these policies prior to his election, just as many people aren't for a massive switch to sustainable fuels, or universal health care now. But Obama's an even better orator than Reagan.

Yes we can.

I want to hope for a better American, and I want to help make a better America. Super Tuesday, I'm taking a tentative step in that direction, and voting for Barrack Obama.

Yes WE can. It's not about him, it's not about's about all of us.

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