Friday, September 05, 2008

A LeFevour You Probably Won't Sweat Out

And now we move on to Week Two.
The way I figure it, any week that has Spurrier and Fulmer losing before Saturday's off to a great start.

The Cumberland Report
What's the worst that can happen? Besides my Panic At the Disco allusion in this post's title? I'd say: Dan LeFevour being as good as his hype. As the only guy not named Vince Young to rush for 1,000+ yds and pass for 3,000+ in a season, dude has some skills. If he does it against a UGA D that looked at best kind of bored last weekend...well, some things, like "President McCain" I'd rather not think about today...

Oh, and the sky is cloudy, filled with random lightning delays, and run and muck, and everyone's somewhat miserable before kickoff.

The Rose-Colored View
Take what I said last week, and multiply it. Think UGA scoring a point for each year John McCain has been alive. Think stat-padding in the early 3rd qtr. that approaches A-Rod in a (now rare) Yankee blowout. Think Richard Samuel and Caleb King both topping 100 yds and Knowshon spending a half watching from the sidelines because the score was "run up" by halftime. And it remains sunny all game long.

Now, for good luck:
Gratuitous page-view-generating pictures of attractive brunettes!

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