Friday, September 21, 2007

Your Asscrack Of Dawn Coffee-Perusal Quick-Hits

*Saying society in general keeps getting more and more nuts seems to be about as groundbreaking a statement as "People in Tuscaloosa like Nick Saban," but I think it says a lot that many people will have a hard time telling if this story, about a pro-nudity rally for Britney Spears, is real, or not. Oh sure, the group's called MUFF, but remember, NAMBLA is real and not just something on South Park, so if they get confused (or hopeful, especially considering the whole "Vanessa Hudgens plans on showing up" part) who's to blame them?

*Speaking of Hudgens, well...first....damn. Not too shabby. I'm not going to start watching the Disney Channel or anything, but the girl is fine. Overbearing, we-want-our-child-to-be-famous-so-we-can-live-vicariously-through-them parents considering sending their kids to Disney ought to know about the track record though: Britney, Christina, Lindsay Lohan--all sweet little girls with Mousewitz, and know the rest. But the disappointing thing to me about the whole nude photo "Scandal" is the fact that so many people make the mistake that "nudity=porn". It's unlikely, but still possible, that despite disrobing and taking a naked (not "nekkid") picture and sending it to her boyfriend, she hasn't actually had sex. Yes she's young, hot, and probably not strapped for cash, but I'm just throwing it out there as another option in an effort to de-Puritanize some folks. Because if they still think all nudity=porn or =sex, then sex will more often than not be considered dirty and any girl who hints at not saving herself for marriage will get called a slut at some point in her life (meanwhile, true sluts will still not care) and thousands of people will claim to be offended by a woman showing too much skin instead of, I don't know, being offended that thousands of their fellow countrymen are getting killed so some rich asshats can live it up off of the spoils of no-bid military contracts.
I'm just saying our priorites are a bit fucked if a non-sexual picture of an attractive, naked, but over 18-year-old girl is more offensive than say, not restoring habeas corpus, the President saying he'll veto a bill to get medical care to sick children, a trillion dollars down the well in Iraq, far-right wing (as in, the type that considers Left Behind non-fiction) fundamentalists actively proselytizing huge wings of our armed services, the fact that the senate spent valuable time passing a "you're mean" resolution instead of, you know meaningful legislation, etc. well, that's offensive to me.

*Speaking of screwy priorites, beltway GOP troglodytes are taking that whole "party above all else" mentality to insane extremes. Their current strategy seems to be "if the democrats want it, we must filibuster it." From Digby's blog, via Kevin Drum:

Seriosuly, look at the projected number here. Even the racist senators scared to death of dark-skinned people getting near them didn't filibuster like this. Somewhere in hell, Strom Thurmond is muttering, "wow, and they thought I was stubbon, racist and hypocritical."

*The Falcons signed Bryon Leftwich. I still say Andre Woodson starts for them in 20 games or so. Unless Byron plays on the offensive line, anyone but a mobile QB is going to be in a lot of pain behind the Falcon's OLine for the near future. You can't blame Vick, or Joey for this. You can blame Rich McKay however, who has had some hits in the draft lately (Norwood was a steal) but has used the early rounds to pick up WRs that have mostly been busts at a clip resembling Detroit, and the Lions at least got Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams out of the deal (plus they have a converted safety playing WR named Mike Furrey who just makes me think of that one episode of Entourage and laugh.)

*Keith Olberman kicks ass.

*Weekend plans (for those planning to stalk me) include: going by the pool one last time if the rumored (I refer to weather reports more than a day in advance as rumors now) rise in temps for this weekend is true, hitting up a variety of venues hosting Atlantis music conference showcases, and watching a lot of college football. The Atlantis thing will be kind of bittersweet, what with me not having a band all.

UPDATE for lunchtime: seriously, the world's losing it's damn mind. I have a college degree. I work with people with college degrees, and that brain-damaged Miss South Carolina will be getting $25,000 a DAY?! Sure "Modeling" should probably be in quotes here but come on sex-starved, unattractive millionaires, surely no woman's that good in bed...

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