Friday, October 12, 2007

It's All Up/Downhill From Here...

"Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on
And it makes me wonder"
-Led Zeppelin

Makes me wonder too. Anyways, here's the reports:

The Cumberland Report

A loss, whether by one point or 200 could qualify here. The last time the Dawgs lost two straight to Lionel Ritchie's old backing band, Tech was still considered a "serious" national power (as in, they seriously thought they were up there with Notre Dame, and the whole country didn't even laugh at them. Now they will offer you everything short of sexual favors to see them play.)

("Hello, is it a good team you're looking for?" No thanks, I'd prefer the old, sucky Vandy.)

Also, in light of Auburn's decision to stop sucking (and they play us beyond tough in Athens every other year anyway) coupled with Troy doing a better job of beating down OSU than we did, and Kentucky's inexplicable, but Andre Woodson-fueled non-suckitude this year, Vandy is the easiest game left on the Dawgs schedule. Lose this one, and we can say "hi" to both being a national punchline, and the first losing season since 1996.

Vandy's posted decent rushing numbers this year (possibly due to the fact that half the opposing teams triple-cover Earl Bennett as he is good and the other Vandy WRs have hands of granite.) The UGA defense has shown an indifference to tackling reminicent of the 1999 team. That makes for a bad combo.

And if the offense shoots itself in the foot again (going for the hat trick with the SoCar and EweT game performances) it could be a long day in the music city. Or night even.

The Rose-Colored View
Someone on the team has to get pissed off. Losing to Vandy for the second year in a row needs to be as unfathomable as losing to Georgia Tech, or Matt Stafford not being able to lift an empty beer keg, or Phil Lesh's set at the Echo project having no hippies or pseudo-hippies in the crowd. It just shouldn't happen. It's unnatural. Like UGA girls dating Tech guys. Or sober Irish rockstars.
We're UGA. They're Vandy. And we're pissed (or should be). And the score should reflect that.
(The Dawgs should do this on Saturday night. I hear Nashville hates Hip-Hop too.)

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